C. Jonathan Lewis, Author
The Telephone Troubleshooting Desk Reference

"A Genuinely Useful Item"

That's how Canada's leading telecom journal TELEMANAGEMENT described
C. Jonathan Lewis' book The Telephone Troubleshooting Desk Reference.

The Telephone Troubleshooting Desk Reference is a handy guide written for technicians and now modified for use by the general public. This award-wining book, recipient of a “Writer’s Digest – 2000 National Self-Published Book Award,” describes the eleven most common problems that cause service interruptions and what to do about them.

Order your book now for only $4.50You don't have to be a techno-geek to read this book. It's written for the layman. After you have read The Telephone Troubleshooting Desk Reference, you will not be mystified and frustrated by your phone. No dial tone? Can't call mom? You will know what to do.

Is the problem a programming issue at the phone company? Or bad wiring to your premises? Or your phone really has gone bad? Or perhaps it's you! You will understand what steps to take to figure out where the trouble may be. And if it is necessary to call the trouble into the phone company for repair, you will be able to discuss your problems knowledgeably with the technician.

The Telephone Troubleshooting Desk Reference is used by telephone companies to train their in-house repair technicians and customer service representatives. Access this knowledge for yourself and next time you may not need to pay for an expensive service dispatch.

The Telephone Troubleshooting Desk Reference is a welcome resource in your home and office. Order your copy now. At only $4.50, you may want to get a few more for your family and friends.


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